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Robert is an ISO 9001 Certified lead auditor (International Register of Certificated Auditors, License 2001/1116)

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Quality management is about defining the outcomes of business processes in a predictable way.  References for ‘’quality’’  or ‘’meeting requirements’’ are customer expectations, legal requirements, industry standards, General Agreed Principles and many more…… 

Get away from one or more of the major delusions / misunderstandings:

· Quality Management is NOT bureaucratic

· Quality Management is NOT an unprofitable investment

· Quality Management does NOT reduce your flexibility

· Quality Management does NOT create piles of documents

PS: If any of foreamentioned symptoms is applicable to your business, Quality Management is not adequately understood, implemented and/or operated.


Then, what is the purpose of quality management?

· Serving your customers well, so that they will become loyal value chain partners

· Managing your processes perfectly, which will raise your profitablity

· Knowing your products in detail, so they will always meet requirements

· Supplying your employees with all they need to exceed expectations

· Involving customers and employees in continuous improving your business and products

· Cooperate with all stakeholders to create a profitable future

· Building a company to be proud of!



Contentment is a valuable proof of quality:

It’s a great pleasure, to look the customer in the eye after the job is done and to notice that he is glad about what I did for him……..


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