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Quality management products can be deliverables like:

1. Preparation for certification or other formal assessments.

              RCS supports you during your preparation for certification or other assessments by reviewing  and updating your quality management system, or by creating all               necessary  components that you need to pass the exam. The primary objective of support is, to implement  knowledge, skills and enthousiasm in your organization               and to engage your employees.  If you want to develop your organization, or if you want to reach out to a higher maturity level in ISO series, HKZ or TQM, do not               hesitate to invite me for a (complimentary) introduction!

2. Internal & second party audits.

              Being an experienced analyst and auditor, RCS can perform internal and second party audits on your behalf. It can be of great support to have your audits executed               by an independent and competent partner. Both internal or at your second party’s site, it is of upmost importance to guarantee reliable outcome of audits.  RCS               delivers high quality performance, professional audit skills and independent observations.

3. Training sessions aiming at development of awareness, (personal) knowledge & skills,  organizational maturity.

              RCS supports your organization by developing and conducting sessions where employees can reach out to a higher level of performance. Either  RCS designed trai              ning programs, aiming at customer oriented objectives, or standard based educational programs, such as ISO 9001, 22000, 27001, 31000 or auditing skills based on               ISO 19011. RCS delivers high quality and result driven training courses: ask for information!

4. Quality management manuals that cover the whole or a part of your organization.

              Quality management manuals describe how you design and maintain your management systems.  These manuals are fundamental policy aids, they show the orga              nization’s guidelines and operational standards. Top management shows commitment by signing off manuals. 

5. Detailed procedures and instructions that describe the execution of operational tasks.

              Working instructions and executable procedures safeguard the controlled performance of your operational activities. These handouts are the first line communi-               cation tools to your workforce and must be formulated with utmost accuracy. Both addressing the operator unambiguously, maintaining quality requirements                as promised to the customer and meeting regulatory demands, must be covered! It’s purpose is never to create bureaucracy.  It is about creating a valuable output               to your customer at minimum expenses.


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